Gay Massage in Singapore

Erotic and Sensual Massage at any time of day/night by a discreet stud.

Hi, I'm Raul, 29 years old male with mixed Indian /Turkish race settled in Singapore. I have light skin with brown eyes. Am 6 feet tall (183 cms), 75 kgs( 165lbs), 32W, clean shaven, little body hair, athletic body with strong soothing hands. I'm well groomed, manicured, pedicured and smell of cologne. I don't smoke, drink or do drugs and have a fresh minty breath. Don’t sport a tattoo or a piercing.

As a qualified masseur with learning inputs from major spas, I offer 4 different kinds of massages i.e. Swedish, Deep tissue, Foot Reflexology and Prostate Massage. Depending on your mood and requirement, I customize a 90 minutes massage which is a blend of the above mentioned 4 massages with touches of sensuality all throughout. We finish the session with sexy hot relief ;)

The massage begins with a Foot Reflexology massage which is very stimulating yet soothing and it increases the body circulation, giving you a feeling of energy & renewal. Then, long, smooth, rhythmic strokes are applied to the body in the traditional Swedish style, addressing each muscle group allowing one to simply relax and allow tension to slide off the body. Deep tissue pressure strokes applied to the muscles help release muscle spasms caused through injury or stress and eliminate the build up of lactic acid. Amidst this massage I get into prostate massaging. For those unintiated souls, the G-Spot of a man is his prostate gland. Prostate massage releases tremendous amounts of emotional and physical stress and for many the pleasure can be very intense and orgasmic!!

The combination massage done using blends of essential aromatic oils helps in easing away tension & stress, helps restore & revitalize your body & mind, and improves your overall skin tone. This massage is perfect to recover from travel fatigue and jet lag and the sensual element of the massage makes you come alive! I bring in my own relaxing music, which treats not just your emotions - but also nurtures your soul and is beneficial during times of stress/depression/anxiety.

Despite the intimacy and the sensuality during the massage it is never my primary goal to deliver sexual services. Instead you will get my fullest attention and skills. With all my respect to the sexy boys, I'm not primarily a sex escort. You don't pay me for my looks - you pay for my massaging skills. But can assure you that I'm better than most of the local escort guys in looks as well as in sexual skills.

You’re welcome to touch me, feel me, kiss me, lick me, etc. while I'm massaging you. My sensual hands work wonders when massaging your ass, prostate, groin and nipple areas. Most of my clients experience orgasm while I deliver these sensual strokes.

Have a mixed race looks. I DON'T share my face pictures on the web as they get misused. I hope you understand my apprehension. I have a handsome face and it helps me draw double takes. Am sure you will be delighted meeting me - a sexy guy in Singapore who has a universal charm!

I like to massage men of all types, who enjoy the strong hands of a MAN. Especially discreet guys, Bi-sexuals, New guys, Bi-curious, Men in Singapore on business and men who liked to be massaged before or after getting tipsy! I'm very discreet and down-to-earth and you can completely relax in my company and let my experienced hands do their job. If required, my massages are followed with heart to heart conversations, dining, and more. (I DON’T charge for these services, except my massage). I must admit that my personality is indeed my best asset. 'Warm', 'friendly', 'stud muffin', 'excellent masseur', 'very sensual' 'fingers sexpert', "very hot masseur' are some of the words that have been used to describe me.

I cater to men who are unwilling to compromise on quality. I'm strictly available for services ONLY to very selective, upscale gentlemen who desire the ultimate massage service. You work hard and require THE BEST; which is exactly what I offer you. I only do OUT-CALLS and hence cater to clients who stay in hotels or can arrange a place in the city. Men who are in transit in Singapore and staying in a hotel for only few hours, can also book me for my convenient services.

Contact me with a genuine interest in my excellent and unhurried erotic massage and emailing me at 

It will be a pleasure serving you!

P.S. The comment box below is for testimonials from clients whom I have served. Prospective clients, please e-mail me to fix an appointment or to answer specific queries.